Snapper Front Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawnmower

Snapper Front Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawnmower

BRAND NEW 21" Snapper Front Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn mower Lawnmower

 Easy to use, easy to own, this premium Snapper Self Propelled Lawn Mower lets you maneuver quickly and easily around landscaping with its single-speed front-wheel drive system. The high-performance Briggs and Stratton 140cc OHV 550ex Series Engine is easy to start featuring the Ready Start, no prime, no choke, just pull for power starting system. The versatile three-in-one cutting deck lets you choose your cut finish from mulching, bagging or side discharge. The dual-lever height adjustment provides you with six grass-cutting settings along with an adjustable rubber grip handle for easy comfort. The deck washout port lets you easily clean the mower with a garden hose. All this with a three-year limited warranty.

 Snapper 140cc FWD SP Mower, 3-N-1 21" Deck: •Best for small-to-large sized yards up to 1 acre with flat terrain
• Self-propelled single-speed front-wheel drive system propels the mower forward with little effort
• Premium High-performance Briggs and Stratton 140cc OHV 550ex Series Engine features the ReadyStart, no prime, no choke system, just pull for power
• Choose your cut finish with 3-in-1 cutting deck: mulch, bagging or side discharge
• Dual-lever height adjustment with 6 cutting positions, adjust based on grass type
• Durable 8" front and rear mower wheels, best for cutting on mostly flat lawns with obstacles
• Convenient deck wash-out port keeps mower clean with garden hose
• Adjustable rubber grip handle provides comfort
• Mulch plug included, helps put nutrients back into the soil
• 3 year limited warranty
• Model# 12A-A2BE707

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